New working members

1. Tell us when you're available to work, and we'll ask you in for an orientation.

We offer new members the opportunity to go through the orientation session, so you can see the details of what's involved in being a working member. Having not worked in the store, some people are surprised by the range of tasks that are involved in a working membership, and we want to make sure that new members are making a decision that is appropriate for both them & the co-op.

2. A form will be supplied after the orientation session; you have the choice of working/nonworking, or nothing at all - it's your call.

New working members do not receive a discount until completion of their first shift.

Sign up for orientations here.

Nonworking members

Come in to the store to fill out a membership form, make payment and receive your receipt. Your receipt is proof of membership.


Use the link in the email we sent you to renew online, or pay in person and receive your receipt.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please get in touch by using our contact form.


See our discounts page for full list and details of all the discounts we offer.

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